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Description: Luterm® thermofluid FPE -E is a concentrate liquid for heating and cooling systems. It contains ethylene glycol with a package of additives /inhibitors/ for the normal and long-term functioning of pipelines, pumps and auxiliary equipment. It does not affect metal, seals, gaskets and plastic. 

Characteristics and application: Luterm® thermofluid FPE-E is designed as the best solution to provide protection from freezing, scale formation, corrosion, cavitations and foaming in heating systems. It is used in the form of a diluted solution at a desired freezing point in individual central heating systems, cooling systems, ice and skating rings. It is diluted according to a chart using distilled-softened water. The minimum exploitation period under prescribed usage conditions is 10 years. 

Packaging: 10 and 20 L (plastic container), Metal-plastic barrel 200 L, IBC container 1000 L

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