Description: Lazurton is a thin-layer, transparent lazure coating for decorative wood protection for interior and exterior surfaces: construction carpentry, panelling, fences, park accessories. Lazurton contents provide quality impregnation and stability under weather conditions and elements.
The natural wood texture is preserved and is visible.

Characteristics and application: The contents are ready-to-use and no dilution is required. Prior to use, the contents must be properly mixed to the bottom of the container. It is applied to a dry and properly sanded clean wooden surface using a brush, roller, by submersion or spraying. 2-3 coats should be applied (as an undercoat for Lazurtop, Gardentop or Clear Varnish). The painting accessories should be washed using Oil Thinner.

Drying: The applied coat is dry within 18-24 hours. Sand the first layer with fine grit paper.

Tones: Produced in several shades according to the manufacturer’s tone card.

Coverage: 1 litre of Lazurton can cover 10-12 m2 in a single coat.

Packaging: 0,75 L-can (12 cans per package), 3 L- can (4 cans per package), 10 L- plastic PE container.

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